What are the most effective sustainable farming practices that Africa can implement to combat environmental degradation and ensure long-term food security?
Investing in green energy is beneficial not only for the environment but significantly for the economy. From 2000 to 2020, Africa received almost $60 billion USD in renewable energy investments.
This session centers around exploring the potential applications of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies to tackle the pressing issues of climate change.
This panel focuses on the negative impacts of climate change on Africa’s healthcare systems and some of the practical steps to address these effects.
Join us for a fireside chat that explores how the continent can build a productive outlet for the wave of untapped energy brought on by the continent’s youth boom to positively impact the continent and the world.
In what ways are countries integrating climate education into education systems to promote a more environmentally conscious and responsible society?
This session explores the steps taken by African youth to address the effects of climate change in order to ensure a healthy, thriving future for themselves and the continent.
This panel will explore the role of African artists as agents of transformation and how African artists have embraced this responsibility with unwavering dedication.
Grassroots African entrepreneurs and African diasporan entrepreneurs are actively innovating and realizing solutions to global challenges, including climate change, through their businesses.
While the voices of women must be included across all conversations related to climate change, it is also important to acknowledge and examine the unique ways that women and girls are affected by the global climate crisis.

In this session, we hear from entrepreneurs, development actors and community leaders using technology in unique ways to adapt to climate change.

In a groundbreaking move, the White House unveiled the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement in September 2023.
Learn about ways to engage in our key pillars of knowledge exchange and human capital development, public-private partnerships, and entrepreneurship with social impact.
The discussion highlights the imperative of ensuring availability and benefits across all socio-economic levels by examining the role of AI in reducing healthcare inequity.


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