ADIS Opening Day Events

1:30 PM

Registration, Networking, and Light Lunch

2:00 PM

Live Musical Performance

2:15 PM

Intro to ADN Video

2:20 PM

Opening Remarks

(Ndeye Makalou & Rick Levenson)

2:25 PM

Welcome Remarks

(The Honorable Supervisor Ellenberg)

2:30 PM

Opening Keynote Address

(C.D. Glin, Pepsi Foundation)

2:45 PM

Exploring the Impact: The President’s African Diaspora Engagement Council

In a groundbreaking move, the White House unveiled the President’s Advisory Council on African Diaspora Engagement in September 2023.

3:45 PM

Coffee & Networking

4:15 PM

Entrepreneurship and Investor Forum

Grassroots African entrepreneurs and African diasporan entrepreneurs are actively innovating and realizing solutions to global challenges, including climate change, through their businesses.

5:15 PM

Pitch Competition

5:45 PM

Evening Keynote Address

(Thelma Ekiyor)

6:00 PM

Global Diaspora Engagement Opportunities

(David Rice, Invest Barbados)

6:15 PM

Evening Welcome Reception, with music, hors d’oeuvres & refreshments

7:30 PM


8:00 AM

Registration and Breakfast

8:30 AM

Opening Performance

8:45 AM

Welcome and Thank You from African Diaspora Network

(Almaz Negash)

8:55 AM

Context Setter: The Journey and The Promise

(Dr. Martin Russell)

9:00 AM

Morning Session Remarks

(Motaz Atalla)

9:05 AM

Fireside Chat: Unveiling the 2024-2028 ADN Strategic Plan

9:30 AM

Opening Remarks by Master of Ceremonies

(Paddy Siyanga Knudsen)

9:35 AM

Morning Keynote Address

(Dr. Monde Muyangwa)

9:50 AM

Fireside Chat: Harnessing the Youth Boom to Unlock Africa’s Scientific Potential

Join us for a fireside chat that explores how the continent can build a productive outlet for the wave of untapped energy brought on by the continent’s youth boom to positively impact the continent and the world.

10:25 AM

Coffee Break

10:35 AM

Morning Keynote Address

(Hon. Ambassador Mukantabana)

10:45 AM

Morning Plenary Session: Sustaining the Future: Beyond Remittances to Diaspora Investment in Green Energy

How can the African diaspora community go beyond remittances to leverage their knowledge, skills, and resources to support and drive investments in renewable energy projects in Africa?

12:00 PM

Networking Lunch

1:00 PM

Afternoon Plenary Session: Impacts of Climate Change on Healthcare in Africa

How are African countries and organizations responding to the rise of climate-related health emergencies?

2:15 PM

Coffee Break

2:30 PM

Breakout Rooms: Women & Tech

Topic 1: African Women as Climate Change Champions

Topic 2: The Role of Tech & Connectivity in Africa

3:30 PM

Coffee Break

3:45 PM

Breakout Rooms: Learning to Change: Philanthropy and Education

Topic 3: Leveraging Philanthropic Intermediaries to Unlock Philanthropic Capital and Boost Local Solutions in Africa (Myriad/KBFUS)

Topic 4: Transformative Education: Climate Change Literacy and Learning

4:45 PM

Coffee Break

5:00 PM

Breakout Rooms: Fostering Creativity: Youth & Art

Topic 5: African Youth Taking Global Climate Action

Topic 6: African Artists in the Climate Change Movement: Catalysts for Social Change

6:10 PM

Barka Awards

6:25 PM

Closing Remarks and Thank You

6:30 PM

Evening Networking Reception

7:30 PM


8:00 AM

Registration And Breakfast

8:30 AM

Opening Performance

8:45 AM

Thank You & Welcome from ADN

8:50 AM

ADIS Recap

(Master of Ceremonies)

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

(Pedro De Vasconcelos, IFAD)

9:15 AM

Morning Keynote Address

(Hon Ramatoulaye Diallo N’diaye)

9:30 AM

Plenary Session 1: Climate Adaptation and Economic Impact for African Agriculture and Food Systems

What are the most effective sustainable farming practices that Africa can implement to combat environmental degradation and ensure long-term food security?

10:45 AM

Coffee Break

11:00 AM

Context Setter

(John Kamara)

11:15 AM

Plenary Session 2: The Global AI Revolution: Steps to Ethically Utilize AI to Address the Climate Crisis in Africa

How can artificial intelligence be utilized to better understand the impact of human behavior on climate change?

12:30 PM


1:30 PM

African Diaspora Luminaire Awards

2:00 PM

Thank You From ADN & Call to Action

2:15 PM

Farewell Reception

3:00 PM


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