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Harnessing the Youth Boom to Unlock Africa’s Scientific Potential

In 1950, Africans made up just 8% of the world’s population. By 2050, one in four people on the planet will be African. This presents a great opportunity to tap into the unlocked potential of the next generation of African youth leaders in science and technology.
Join us for a fireside chat that explores how the continent can build a productive outlet for the wave of untapped energy brought on by the continent’s youth boom to positively impact the continent and the world. In particular, this fireside chat will explore how the growing scientific research and manufacturing industry in Africa can be leveraged to unlock opportunities for the continent’s growing pool of young scientific talent. Speakers will share details about MADIBA, a groundbreaking collaboration that will create job opportunities with the goal of building a world-class workforce dedicated to vaccine production on the continent.
Discover how pioneering projects like this are providing an outlet for young talent and have the potential to shape the next generation of scientific leaders led by Africans. Be a part of the dialogue and action that seeks to identify ways of harnessing the continent’s growing influence and evolving scientific landscape to strengthen global health on the continent and around the world.

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Kedest Tesfagiorgis

Kedest Tesfagiorgis

Deputy Director, Global Partnerships & Grand Challenges, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (Moderator)

Kedest is an experienced systems thinker whose work is guided by her belief that coalition building, and inclusive partnerships are essential to solving the world’s toughest problems and improving the human condition. Her work at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – and through her board and volunteer positions – is centered around building communities with diverse perspectives who can be mobilized to find solutions to existing & emerging challenges. Currently, Kedest leads the Global Partnerships & Grand Challenges team at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. She has grown the foundation’s flagship innovation program into a global network, working with partners across Africa, Brazil and South Asia to create their own innovation programs.

Amadou Alpha Sall

Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall

CEO, Institut Pasteur de Dakar

Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall is a highly accomplished virologist, holding a doctorate in public health and having pursued studies at respected institutions worldwide. As the CEO of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD) since 2016, his research focuses on arboviruses and viral hemorrhagic fever viruses. Dr. Sall has contributed significantly to the field, with over 200 published articles and 300 scientific presentations. He has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Grand Prize of the President of Senegal for sciences and the UNESCO Prize for life sciences. Beyond academia, he has expertise in public health and has played crucial roles in combating Ebola and addressing Zika outbreaks.

Prashant Yadav

Professor & Faculty Director, INSEAD Africa Initiative

Prashant Yadav is an Affiliate Technology and Operations Management Professor at INSEAD, Faculty Director of the INSEAD Africa Initiative, and Lecturer at Harvard Medical School. He is a globally recognized scholar in the area of healthcare supply chains. He serves on the boards of many startups, social enterprises, and global agencies. Prashant is the author of many peer-reviewed scientific publications about manufacturing and delivery models for health technologies in frontier markets. His work has been featured in prominent print and broadcast media including the Financial Times, Nature, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNN, and BBC.


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