Founded in 2010, African Diaspora Network (ADN) is dedicated to mobilizing the intellectual and financial potential of individuals with ties to Africa. Our mission encompasses fostering economic and social progress throughout Africa, as well as in the communities we call home. Rooted in the belief that unity transcends cultures and backgrounds, ADN facilitates collaboration and co-creation.


Our unwavering commitment to bringing people together endures. Even during the pandemic, the African Diaspora Network held virtual sessions, engaging 89 countries. We were thrilled to return to hosting in-person events with the U.S. Africa Leaders Summit in December 2022 and the African Diaspora Investment Symposium (ADIS23) in March 2023. We look forward to continuing to host in-person and virtual convenings.

Every aspect of the attendee experience is important to us including the venue. Understanding the impact of space, ADIS24 will be hosted at the award-winning Silicon Valley hotel, the Hayes Mansion. The Hayes Mansion is a spacious property providing luxury accommodations for attendees to stay at the same venue as the conference and offering a large variety of amenities. Visit the “Venue” tab to see how the Hayes Mansion can benefit your networking goals,

Use the Whova Conference App at ADIS24

ADN uses the Whova Events app to enhance attendee experience. This helpful networking tool enables participants to connect before, during, and after the symposium. Learn more about its features below.

  • 1.It's Free for Attendees

    The app is 100% free for all attendees. Browse events, build your network, and experience the app to its fullest extent without having to pay or maneuver around advertisements.

  • 2. Get Real-Time Event Updates

    With the app, you’ll receive real-time push notifications to let you in on important updates such as room changes, delicious snacks being served, or a reminder that the lunch break is almost over.

  • 3.Exchange Digital Contacts

    The Whova app’s business card scanner will enable you to store your new contacts’ information safely within the app.

  • 4. Network beyond the Event

    Start browsing attendee profiles, messaging attendees, and growing your network weeks before the event begins. Whova’s Community Boards allow you to network and set up hangouts with fellow attendees, introduce yourself through virtual ice breakers, and participate or create social groups.

  • 5. No Wi-Fi or Cell Service Required

    Even if the Wifi or cell service is down, you can still access key event information (such as agenda, attendee profiles, logistics, etc) within the app, due to Whova’s advanced offline mode technology.

  • 6. Keep Your Privacy

    Your information (name, image, social links, etc.) is only visible to individuals you have exchanged contact information with and to confirmed attendees of the event. You can also choose to opt-out of visibility, hiding your SmartProfile from other users.


Since 2016 ADN convenings have reached...