Our Core Values are:

As an African diaspora-led organization, we believe that the Diaspora remains intimately connected to the African continent and has vested interest in solving the social, environmental and economic issues that impact their families, villages, cities, and countries.

We believe that opportunities abound for innovation, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. The African Diaspora collectively sends over US$48 billion in remittance money annually. Of the unused remittance money, an estimated US$5-10 billion are available for savings and investments. ADN strives to be the platform that can strategically advise these funds to drive impact by Africans on the African continent.

We believe in the need for an intra-African voice for collaboration, including voices of Africans abroad. There are over 30 million Africans in the Diaspora, presenting countless opportunities for collaboration and community building beyond one’s own country. Developing a continental approach to building and strengthening diaspora relationships and partnerships is essential for moving Africa forward.