Strengthening African Healthcare

The Transformative Impact of AI

Private session
Cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies are poised to revolutionize global healthcare, presenting opportunities for profound transformations. Explore the potential of AI to reshape health and well-being. This invitation-only session touches upon critical areas such as patient care, medical imaging, diagnostics, research, drug discovery, and administrative applications.
What are the latest advances in AI healthcare applications worldwide? Delve into the technical, ethical, and social challenges, including privacy, safety, costs, information, consent, and accessibility. The discussion highlights the imperative of ensuring availability and benefits across all socio-economic levels by examining the role of AI in reducing healthcare inequity.
Dr. Amadou Sall, CEO of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD), provides insights into the current state and future potential of these technologies in Africa. Additionally, we explore recent developments focused on catalyzing equitable AI use to enhance global health. Join us as we navigate the promising horizons and challenges of leveraging AI for the well-being of Africans and beyond.

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Josh Ghaim, Ph.D.

Founder and Managing Partner, Ignite Venture Studio, Board Chairman, African Diaspora Network (moderator)

Josh Ghaim is the Founder and Managing Partner of Ignite Venture Studio, a new brand and innovation accelerator focused in the Health and Beauty markets as well as investments and support of Women and Minority led start-ups.

Amadou Alpha Sall

Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall

CEO, Institut Pasteur de Dakar

Dr. Amadou Alpha Sall is a highly accomplished virologist, holding a doctorate in public health and having pursued studies at respected institutions worldwide. As the CEO of the Institut Pasteur de Dakar (IPD) since 2016, his research focuses on arboviruses and viral hemorrhagic fever viruses. Dr. Sall has contributed significantly to the field, with over 200 published articles and 300 scientific presentations. He has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Grand Prize of the President of Senegal for sciences and the UNESCO Prize for life sciences. Beyond academia, he has expertise in public health and has played crucial roles in combating Ebola and addressing Zika outbreaks.


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