Start Your Social Enterprise


Sr. Gladys Bosibori

Sister Gladys Bosibori belongs to the Congregation of the Daughters of the Sacred Heart (DSH) in Kenya. She is the project manager running poultry Enterprise in Eldoret.
Sr Gladys Bosibori is an agriculturist by profession and holds a diploma in sustainable agriculture and rural development. She is passionate about the field of agriculture and is grateful to the ACWECA team for the program that has empowered them to change their social ministries into social enterprises. Sr. Gladys Bosibori and her colleagues started their enterprise of improved poultry chicken in May 2022 with 150 birds. The enterprise has empowered one woman who has also started her own small business of rearing chicken. Sr. Gladys looks forward to being empowered more on how to make her social enterprises sustainable in her congregation and in the community at large.

Sr. Taziwona Deborah Jamali

Sister Taziwona Deborah Jamali is a Malawian currently working in Chivuna, one of the rural Areas in Southern Province of Zambia. She is under the Religious Sacred of Heart Sisters. She holds a diploma in Secretarial and Business Management from Kasiya College in Zambia.
In 2019, Sr. Taziwona Deborah Jamali learnt how to make Dishwashing liquid soap, hair food from onions and vaseline in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe. When she moved to Zambia in 2020, she thought of producing the product on a small scale to assist the young women who dropped primary or secondary schools because of early pregnancies and early marriages. Sr. Taziwona Deborah Jamali’s enterprise seeks to provide jobs to these young women so that they can continue with their education and support their families. She also hopes to use the earnings from her enterprise to help support her congregation.

Sr. Susan Mbare CPS

Sr. Susan Mbare CPS belongs to the Congregation of the Missionary Sisters of the Precious Blood working in East African Province, Tanzania. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership and Management with a focus on Human Resource Management. She also has a Diploma in Leadership and Resource Management.
Sr. Susan Mbare is a value-driven person, enthusiastic about learning new things, and optimistic about seizing transformative opportunities to build more sustainable communities and ministries. She currently serves as a human resource person and oversees project initiative and implementation at St.Thomas Health Centre. She has been very influential in motivating teams and working among teams. Sr. Susan has a big heart and strong will to juggle for the growth of the facility to make it sustainable, increase quality healthcare provision, and increase satisfaction of clients.

Sr. Josephine Ndinda

Sr. Josephine Ndinda Kitonyi was born in Kenya, but she is from the Congregation of the Orantes Sisters of the Assumption in Tanzania. She joined the congregation in 2005 and made her first vows in 2009.
For the past two years, Sr. Josephine Ndinda has been working as the manager and graphic designer of Picard Printing Press, owned by the congregation of the Orantes Sisters of the Assumption in Tanzania. The Press was established in 2003 with the aim of producing stationary materials and different printed books for the Archdiocese of Arusha Tanzania. Sr. Josephine Ndinda and her colleagues support one another to ensure that they provide quality services to their clients. Today they print not only for the Church, but also for individuals, schools, and hospitals.

Sr. Lusina Ng’eny, OSB

Sr. Lusina Ng’eny is from the Congregation of the Missionary Benedictine Sisters. She joined the congregation in 1996, and after 4 years of initial formation, she took her first vows in 2001 and final vows in 2007. Sr. Lusina’s professional background is in Social Work. She is passionate about transforming the lives of the marginalized in society to be breadwinners in their families.
As missionary Benedictine Sisters, their social enterprise is rearing local poultry starting in 2021 after going through training in Sisters Blended Value Project. Sr. Lusina is the director of the enterprise, working with her two sisters. Their enterprise aims to empower vulnerable women within their area of mission in Nairobi to care for their orphaned grandchildren. They train them in poultry management, marketing of their products, and record keeping so they can grow their enterprises.

Sr. Catherine Tente

Sr. Catherine Tente is from the Congregation of the Little Servants of Mary Immaculate, popularly known as the Blue Nuns or Kasisi Sisters. She obtained a diploma in Pharmacy at Evelyn Hone College in 2003. In 2012, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Zambia School of Medicine. Sr. Catherine Tente also holds a post-graduate diploma in Leadership and Management from the Institute of Public Administration in Zambia.
Sr. Catherine and her colleagues started Microfinance, which currently caters to families who have children on sponsorship, but the dream is to extend to other members of the communities where they are serving. They have also opened a bakery that caters to the communities in Kasisi, and they intend to expand to other communities outside Kasisi. Sr. Catherine and her team hope to see the communities they serve succeed and have necessities of life within the communities.

Sr. Gertrude Tusiime

Sr. Gertrude Tusiime is from the Sisters of Our Lady of Good Counsel of Mbarara. She teaches at Boni Consilii Girls’ Vocational Secondary School in Uganda. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education and a certificate in project management and human trafficking.
Sr. Gertrude is the project manager of three projects in her school: AVSI Foundation, Sisters Blended Value, and Teach a Man to Fish. All these are social enterprise projects aiming at equipping learners with agriculture and entrepreneurship skills. She deals with horticulture and piggery projects, of which all staff members and students are the beneficiaries.