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Sister Betty Grace Atim


Sister Betty Grace Atim belongs to the Congregation of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu (LSMIG) in Northern Uganda. She holds a Master’s in Business Administration (Accounting).


Sr. Betty Grace currently serves as the Finance Officer with the Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA), a regional body responsible for capacity building of the sisters. She is passionate about transforming the world by helping Congregations in the region to become more effective in managing the available resources and achieving sustainability. She has accompanied the Sisters through the Sisters Blended Value Project (SBVP) aimed at helping the sisters transform their social ministries into social enterprises while taking care of mother earth.

Sister Angeline Awino Anyiko


Sister Angeline Awino Anyiko is a junior sister of the Congregation of Sisters of Mary Mother of God and serves as the secretary of the congregation.


The Sisters of Mary Mother of God (MMG) Egg Farm Social Enterprise was started on 13th May 2021 with the first lot of 100 chicks managed by Sisters of Mary Mother of God Mombasa. Unemployment is the biggest problem facing young women leading to poverty and abuse in their communities. The social enterprise engages local women by offering poultry training, mentorship, support and access to the market. The business equips unemployed young women with poultry skills to produce chicken meat and eggs for the market, hence creating job opportunities, while generating income for the congregation.

Sister Jane Frances Kabagaaju


Sr. Jane Frances Kabagaaju belongs to the Congregation of the Daughters of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus. She has served for 32 years in this congregation and is professionally trained as a Medical Clinical Officer. Sr Jane Frances has served in charge of health facilities for 22 years. She is currently in charge of Nkuruba Health Centre III.

Nkuruba Health Centre is located in the rural area of Kabarole District-Uganda. It was established in 1964. It has been growing slowly from offering only out-patient services to more services like in-patient, maternity and child Health, HIV prevention, and treatment.

Many mothers come for ANC services but 60% opt to deliver from distant hospitals which offer services that Nkuruba does not currently offer such as ultrasound scans or caesarean section. Our enterprise focuses on constructing a modern and well-equipped theatre to bring the above services nearer to the people.

Sister Stivelia Emily Macloud


Sister Stivelia Emily Macloud belongs to the congregation of the Servants of the Blessed Virgin Mary (SBVM). SBVM is a local congregation which is found in Malawi. Founded in 1925 by Bishop- Louis Auneau. Sr. Stivelia made her first Vows in December 2005 and is a nurse midwife by profession.


At SBVM, the Sisters have a dream of converting its ministry into a social enterprise where they will use the concept of “teach a man how to fish” rather than give him fish. They target the poor, widows, and school dropouts in order to fulfill their charism, which is to evangelize the poor especially women, children, and underprivileged. They are implementing this project in Magareta Village, Neno district. This district includes some of the poorest, as the people of the area do not have a reliable source of income.

Sister Lucia Musili


Sister Lucia Musili, belongs to the congregation of the Oblate Sisters of the Assumption, Province of East Africa. Sister Lucia lives in Nairobi, St. Monica Parish Njiru, working at Assumption High school as a secretary.


Sister Lucia holds a diploma in Social Work and Community Development and completed a short course on proposal writing. Sister Lucia trains and empowers widows on livelihood skills through an organic poultry farming social enterprise. The goal is to alleviate poverty in their families and equip them with basic business skills such as raising and selling chickens and eggs for the sustainability of their families.

Sister Juunza Mwangani


Sr. Juunza Christabel Mwangani is a Religious Sisters of the Holy Spirit, who belongs to a congregation of women based in Zambia, whose charism is their “Dedication and openness to the personal action of the Spirit continuing Christ’s mission.”


Sr. Juunza has been a Religious Sister for eighteen years. She currently serves as Senior Hospital Administrator at Monze Mission Hospital, where she coordinates and supervises all the non-clinical departments and manages all developmental and income-generating activities of the Hospital. She has served at this facility for the past 14 years. Sr. Juunza is very passionate about Social Entrepreneurship because she is convinced without doubt that it is one sure way of improving and sustaining the life of any community.

Sister Josephine Nabulya


Sister Josephine Nabulya belongs to the Institute of the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix-Ggogonya. As the 9th in the family of 14 siblings, Sr. Josephine grew up in a family with an Agriculture background. An accountant by profession, Sr. Josephine earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Nkumba University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and management (MBA) from Uganda Martyrs University-Nkozi.


Being interested in farming, she feels called to create a Sisters Coffee Farm as a source of income for sustainability of the Institute and transforming the livelihood of the people in the community. She has participated in the Sister’s Blended Value Project at Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Santa Clara University in collaboration with NUCAFE.

Sister Celestine Nasiali


Sister Celestine Nasiali has been practicing sisterhood for 17 years among the Oblate Sisters of Assumption – Religious Missionary. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Management with a specialization in international Relations and Diploma in Community Development.


Being a community developer, she enjoyed working among the Maasai people in Tanzania. In her ministry, she found that the culture often requires women and children to hold heavy duties with men as leaders. Sr. Celestine facilitated small self-sustaining projects where women would be valued, including making and selling beads, planting vegetables, and teaching personal hygiene. These activities improved the lives of women as they learned how to cater for themselves with less support from men.

As the Sister Blended Value Project Coordinator, she is fulfilled by witnessing the readiness of the Catholic sisters to embrace social entrepreneurial skills that transform their social ministries into social enterprises for the future sustainability of their congregation and communities.

Sister Bekezela Ncube


Sister Bekezela Ncube CPS is a missionary sister of the Precious Blood in the Zimbabwe-Zambian province with an enterprise called CPS Sisters Blended Value Project.

She holds a diploma in primary education with an honors degree in secondary education from Catholic University of Eastern Africa and a certificate in human resource management from Corat Africa under Daystar University.

Encouraged by ACWECA, Sr. Bekezela joined the Sisters Blended Value Project and started farming in order to help themselves be sustainable and assist women around the Macheke area in Mashonaland Eastern part of Zimbabwe. The group has planted a hectare of tomatoes, onions, and potatoes at different seasons, and their partners pay school fees from the produce. However, they face serious water challenges and seek to improve the irrigation system. In the meantime, they are waiting to restart during the rainy season.

Sister Mary Concepta B. Nyariki


Sister Mary Concepta B. Nyariki is a Kenyan citizen and a member of the congregation of the Little Sisters of St. Joseph, Karen, Nairobi Kenya. She is a trained nurse and midwife by profession and joined the Little Sisters of St. Joseph in 1982. She took her first vows in 1986 and perpetual vows in 1992. She is currently stationed in Karen, Nairobi.

As a nurse, she has worked in various parts of Kenya, mostly among the Maasai in Narok and in Kilgoris counties. She has also worked in Zombe, Kitui county. Recently, she was requested to join our Congregational Development Office to assist the Project Coordinator. Sr. Mary Concepta looks forward to joining the training to gain skills that can enable the financial development and growth of the congregation.

Sister Agatha Tanui

Sister Agatha Tanui is an Assumption Sister of Eldoret from Turbo – Kenya Uasin – Gishu county. She joined the religious life in 1991 and celebrated her silver jubilee in 2019. Sr. Agatha has served in the religious life for 30 years. She has been in various ministries and is currently in formation house teaching and forming young girls who have shown interest in religion. She also manages the A.S.E Social Enterprise Poultry Initiative; her main work in the poultry farm is operational and customer services. She also works with young women and youth. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, farming, and making new friends.

Sister Rose Thumitho, LSOSF


Sister Rose Thumitho is the co-founder of Mother Kevin Providence Social Enterprise. As a business manager with great passion and commitment with hands-on technical support, she brings 15 years of experience with expertise in leadership, governance, management, administration, resource mobilization, system-strengthening, networking and communications learned from working in underserved mission hospitals.


In 2020, she started a social enterprise with the goal of reaching out with compassion to vulnerable communities to empower them to grow their income and transform their livelihood through organic poultry and sustainable means of farming while caring for Mother Earth. A collaboration between ACWECA, the Miller Center for Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University, and Ecopreneur mentorship to SBVP empowered her team to transition from a charity to a business model. The social enterprise reaches out to the communities to eradicate poverty, advocates for social protection, and resource equity through an inclusive approach to gender.