Designing Education and Workforce Development for Africa’s Future

Session Description

Despite advancements in educational innovations, the need for a quality education is higher than ever before. According to The State of Global Learning Poverty (2022), 80% of 10 year-old children in Western and Central Africa are unable to read and understand simple text. More than 32 million children are out of school, the largest on record compared to regions worldwide.
  • How can countries facilitate more equitable and universal access to education?
  • What evidence-based recommendations, policies, and models can position schools for long-term improvement?
  • What skills training, education, and industry preparation will be needed for African youth and young adults in pursuit of various trades and career paths? What can be done to create an ecosystem conducive to employment and entrepreneurship?
The future of Africa begins with a quality, fundamental education, and opportunities abound to accelerate learning opportunities. This session reimagines educational systems, tools, and delivery designed for the future.

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