Accelerating Black Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ABLE)

Cohort 2

Congratulations to the 12 entrepreneurs of the second cohort of Accelerating Black Leadership and Entrepreneurship. ABLE Cohort Two is composed of leaders of impact-oriented, for-profit organizations.
Their sectors include fintech, education, healthcare, health & wellness, media production, and technology platforms for events and rental spaces, employment, DEI, and data analysis. We look forward to supporting your entrepreneurial journeys through ABLE.

Chukwunonso (Chooki) Arinze

Founder, Kaoshi Inc.
Chicago, IL

Chukwunonso (Chooki) Arinze,
Founder, Kaoshi Inc.; Chicago, IL

Chooki is the co-founder of Kaoshi API, a fintech pioneering open finance APIs for cross-border financial services. Kaoshi API allows third-party financial institutions gain access to cross-border financial data and initiate cross-border payments from within their applications. The democratizing of cross-border financial data and payments is important because it presents another opportunity for advancing financial inclusion. This API powers applications like P2P currency exchanges, one of which was recently recognized by Visa as one of the fifty fintech innovations advancing financial inclusion in 2022. Before founding Kaoshi, Chooki was a theoretical physicist (PhD University of Chicago, 2022) who studied physical learning theories in mechanical metamaterials. In 2020, his research group at UChicago (Murugan Lab) accomplished “teaching” a mechanical network like a simple self-folding origami how to classify things into categories, just as you could teach a computer how to recognize a cat from a dog. Chooki also has a B.Sc. in both Physics and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Shortly after graduating undergrad, he invented a smart baby car seat, for which he was awarded a patent by the US Patent Trademark Office.

Emmanuel Brown

Co-founder, ChurchSpace
Houston, TX

Emmanuel Brown,
Co-founder, ChurchSpace; Houston, TX

Emmanuel Brown, a relentless and dynamic founder, is solving one of America’s greatest real estate problems as the co-founder of ChurchSpace. Since 2015, Emmanuel has supercharged the transformation, growth, and scaling of startup companies and organizations. As a first-generation founder and entrepreneur, Emmanuel is making his footprint in the faith-tech industry as a lead operator, marketplace strategist and company builder. With nearly a decade of expertise in the startup ecosystem, his passion is to make a lasting impact on customers, culture, and community.

Toby Egbuna

CEO and Co-founder, Chezie
Atlanta, GA

Toby Egbuna,
CEO and Co-founder, Chezie; Atlanta, GA

Toby is the CEO and one of the co-founders of Chezie. His background is in management consulting in diversity strategy. Chezie helps companies around the world create better products, grow their sales pipeline, build more inclusive workplaces, and ultimately drive business results by reimagining what’s possible with their most under-utilized asset: employee resource groups. Outside of work, Toby enjoys playing basketball, cooking, and watching movies.

Tae Lee

Founder, Never Go Broke
Birmingham, AL

Tae Lee, Founder,
Never Go Broke; Birmingham, AL

Tae Lee, known as the “Money Maximizer,” is an international best-selling author, speaker, and trainer based out of Birmingham, Alabama. She advanced her education by attending Jacksonville State University where she attained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Tae Lee started her first company in 2010 and has been a full-time entrepreneur ever since. Since the beginning of her career, Tae Lee has been educating individuals on all levels. Her company, Never Go Broke, continues to educate and close the financial illiteracy gap. She uses books, curriculums, workshops, speaking, and interviews to spread her financial knowledge so that others can become successful, wealth-building adults.

Jody T. Mitchell

Founder and CEO, Directed Analytics
Baton Rouge, LA

Jody T. Mitchell,
Founder and CEO, Directed Analytics; Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. Mitchell is the founder & CEO of Directed Analytics where he has led the development of the company’s framework & software, 4SightGPS. Under Mr. Mitchell’s leadership, Directed Analytics has accomplished education software, and local government and commercial professional services experience. Mr. Mitchell’s company is currently working to introduce its software to the education marketplace and is conducting business development activities to enter into the federal government. Mr. Mitchell led the development of a National Science Foundation R&D effort for improving educational outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities, for which his company was awarded funding in August 2022.

Michael Olorunninwo

CEO, GradientFI
Fremont, CA

Michael Olorunninwo,
CEO, GradientFI; Fremont, CA

Michael is a strategic finance expert with corporate strategy, business and people operations experience championing and leading growth and operations strategies for Fortune 500 organizations in financial services, energy, consumer goods, and technology. Prior to GradientFI, he was Associate Partner at Grant Thornton Hawksworth, a strategy and technology advisory firm, where he leads the strategic finance and deal advisory practice. He also co-founded non-profit Y-Labs Ventures which seeks to increase allocation of talent, capital and innovation towards social impact opportunities. His professional background includes Apple, KPMG, Seven Energy International, NICON Insurance. During his pastime, Michael loves debating new ideas, advising startups, and volunteering. His interests span space, economic philosophy, social impact, and DeFi.

Andre Peart

CEO, ConConnect
New York, NY

Andre Peart, CEO,
ConConnect; New York, NY

Andre Peart is the founder and CEO of ConConnect, a justice tech platform inspired by his own story of incarceration. Peart has love and education for fitness, experience in case and social work. Andre is one of today’s leaders in reentry and prison reform. ConConnect connects justice impacted people to employers and services in real time through technology. Its core product streamlines correctional facilities and case worker driven organizations by converting their manual tasks into technological workflows.

Carolyn Pitt

Founder and CEO,
Atlanta, GA

Carolyn Pitt,
Founder and CEO,; Atlanta, GA

Carolyn Pitt is Founder and CEO of, the talent marketplace for production professionals that connects studios, music labels, and corporate brands to vetted local production talent. Immediately prior to the passage of the CARES Act, Carolyn addressed the U.S. Senate and House Subcommittee for Small Business and Entrepreneurship to advocate for stimulus funding for the film industry and underrepresented founders. She also participated in two small business roundtables at the behest of the Biden-Harris campaign. Carolyn was recognized as a recipient of Google’s inaugural Black Founder Fund and was named 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year by Envolve Global.
Carolyn is an Intellectual Property and Entertainment Attorney with significant experience in Management Consulting, Strategy, and Business Development. She previously practiced at Alston & Bird LLP and received her BS in Psychology from Vanderbilt University and her JD from American University’s Washington College of Law.

Victoria Prince

MPA, LE, LI, CEO & Creative Founder of Tori Prince Beauty, LLC & the Chicago Skin Lab
Chicago, IL

Victoria Prince,
MPA, LE, LI, CEO & Creative Founder of Tori Prince Beauty, LLC & the Chicago Skin Lab; Chicago, IL

Beauty Scientist and Chicago native, Victoria ‘Tori’ Prince is a Licensed Esthetician, International Educator, Continuing Ed Sponsor, and the Creative Founder and CEO of Tori Prince Beauty, LLC, and the Chicago Skin Lab. As a self-care expert, Tori wholeheartedly believes in building self-esteem by prioritizing self-care in your everyday lifestyle. At the end of the day, Tori’s passion in life is to encourage, empower and enrich as many women as she possibly can. Between her exclusive products, confidence-boosting services, and carefully composed courses and coaching programs, Tori is equipped to spread beauty and confidence across the world.

Lori White

Founder and CEO, Vitavate
Diamond Bar, CA

Lori White,
Founder and CEO, Vitavate; Diamond Bar, CA

Lori White is the Founder and CEO of VITAVATE – a premium dietary supplement brand intentionally designed to support heart health, physical energy, mental focus, and clarity.
Concurrent with developing & launching VITAVATE, Lori also serves as Founder and President of APEX Quality Resources, Inc (AQR), a full-service Food Safety & Quality Assurance (FSQA) consulting firm committed to mitigating food safety risks. With over 30 years of experience in the food safety & quality assurance industry, Lori is highly sought-after for her expertise in identifying opportunities for product optimization and customizing food safety solutions. Her work & insights have implemented global food safety programs for Fortune 500 companies, including Kraft, PepsiCo/Yum! Brands, Panda Restaurant Group, Burger King, Golden State Foods and UK-based Bakkavor Group, among others.
Lori holds a Bachelor of Science in Foods & Nutrition from San Diego State University. Also, Lori was featured as a Key Panelist for the 2021 Food Safety Summit.

Dr. KiMi Wilson

CEO, Equation 2 Success
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. KiMi Wilson,
CEO, Equation 2 Success; Los Angeles, CA

Educator turned entrepreneur, Dr. KiMi Wilson blends theory, research and teaching experience in both K-12 and higher education to solve educational problems. KiMi has developed curriculum, spearheaded outreach initiatives to increase engineering diversity with the National Science Foundation, and developed a community school model. Dr. Wilson is the author of the book, “Black Boys Lived and Everyday Experiences in STEM,” chronicling the teaching and learning experiences of four Black boys. Dr. KiMi Wilson is a life-long learner dedicated to empowering individuals, families, and communities.