Unveiling Global Impact: 2023 Builders of Africa’s Future (BAF) and Accelerating Black Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ABLE) Impact Reports

As we embark on a new year, we’re excited to share the remarkable journeys and achievements of our entrepreneurial community through the release of two reports: the 2023 Builders of Africa’s Future (BAF) Impact Report and the Accelerating Black Leadership and Entrepreneurship (ABLE) Impact Report.

Builders of Africa’s Future

The 2023 Builders of Africa’s Future (BAF) Impact Report showcases the transformative journey and achievements of the latest cohort. This report not only captures the essence of the program but also highlights the collective impact made by entrepreneurs, mentors, and partners in shaping the future of African entrepreneurship.The  2023 Builders of Africa’s Future cohort comprises 9 entrepreneurs spanning five countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.

All participating organizations in the sixth cohort are 100% African-led and owned. Sectors include Education, Recycling, Health Tech & Innovation, Poultry Farming, Green Energy, and Coffee Farming.

One participant, Virtue Oboro from Tiny Hearts Technology, shared her experience being part of the program:

The variety of mentors from platforms related to my work was a very good resource to me. I loved the easy access to resources, the encouragement from the team, and the fellow participants. We used the Bookkeeping course to help in keeping a record of our expenses for our promotional video project

The success of BAF lies not only in its curriculum but in the robust mentorship program that provides participants with access to a diverse range of mentors tailored to their specific needs. Virtue’s words reflect the impact of this approach, emphasizing the significance of mentorship in refining project management skills and utilizing resources effectively.

The 2023 BAF Impact Report is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the participants and the collaborative efforts of mentors and partners. It provides a comprehensive overview of the program’s impact, demonstrating how BAF continues to be a catalyst for positive change in the African entrepreneurial landscape.

Explore the full impact report here. Join us in celebrating the success stories from 2023 and be part of next year’s impact and apply to be a mentor or reviewer for the Builders of Africa’s Future program.

Accelerating Black Leadership and Entrepreneurship 

Now in its third year, the ABLE program is excited to share the incredible journey and achievements of our latest cohort.

ABLE Cohort3 Pitch Day

The ABLE Impact Report is a testament to the impact of collective efforts, a celebration of milestones, and an acknowledgment of the transformative power of entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurs in our latest cohort are comprised of 11 entrepreneurs spanning eight states: California, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Washington, D.C., and Wisconsin. All participating enterprises in the third cohort represent 9 varied sectors including: Connectivity, Data-Tech, Education, Health-Tech, Health & Wellness,  FinTech, Legal-Tech, Logistics, and Renewable Energy.

We are thrilled to showcase their remarkable stories, highlighting the impact they’ve made and the transformative experiences they’ve encountered. We invite you to explore the report and witness the incredible journey of our entrepreneurs. Read the Impact Report here.

As a testimonial of empowerment, Rhode Malivert, CEO of K12 Preparatory Academy and a member of the ABLE 2023 cohort, beautifully captures the essence of the program: 

Being part of this Cohort has been an extraordinary blessing. As an entrepreneur of color, it’s common to experience moments of isolation on our journey, but ABLE has not only provided me with inspiration but also equipped me with essential tools and an empowering community, propelling my journey forward.

A heartfelt thank you goes to our funders, mentors, and ecosystem partners. Their support has been instrumental in making ABLE and BAF a beacon of empowerment for Black entrepreneurs, African, historic and contemporary diasporan founders. The commitment of our volunteers is exceptionally inspiring. Join the community of impact by becoming a reviewer or mentor for the ABLE program.

Together, we are breaking barriers, creating opportunities, and fostering a community that propels each member forward. Together, we are shaping a future where every entrepreneur, regardless of background, has the resources and support needed to thrive.

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