Builders of Africa's Future

The 2023 Builders of Africa’s Future cohort comprises 10 entrepreneurs spanning five countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda
All participating organizations in the sixth cohort are 100% African-led and owned. Sectors include: Education, Recycling, Health Tech & Innovation, Poultry Farming, FinTech, Green Energy, and Coffee Farming.

Adeola Ayoola

CEO & Co-Founder, Famasi Africa, Nigeria

Adeola is the CEO & Co-founder at Famasi, the Operating System (OS) for pharmacies in emerging markets. With over 7 years of expertise as a Pharmacist, she has experience in various sectors, including retail, wholesale, primary healthcare, hospital pharmacy, and supply chain management. Adeola is on a mission to power 1 million refills across Africa by empowering Pharmacies with the right technology to deliver last- mile care.

Godwin Benson is an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO of Tuteria, Africa’s leading tutoring company. He has been honoured with prestigious accolades such as MIT’s Inclusion Innovation Award, Harvard Business School Africa Club’s New Venture Prize, and the Future Awards for Education in Africa. Having had a first class degree in Systems Engineering, a background at ExxonMobil, and Deloitte West Africa, Godwin’s passion lies in advancing education and entrepreneurship across the continent.

Olufunto Boroffice

CEO & Founder, Chanja Datti Ltd., Nigeria

Funto Boroffice is the founder/CEO of award winning Chanja Datti Ltd, a waste collection & recycling social enterprise. Chanja Datti Ltd is dedicated to transforming the waste in her environment in Abuja, Nigeria into value by creating jobs and Quidroo, a fintech startup that provides access to working capital for Nigeria SMEs, especially women-owned SMEs. In the last 8+ years, her organization has successfully diverted almost 6,200 tons of waste from uncontrolled landfills, and empowered 600+ women and at-risk youth. Her organization currently has 200 employees.

Henry Ngale Foretia is the co-founder/ CEO of AIT Group (PFMS), an animal nutritionist, livestock farmer, and trainer with over 14 years of experience.Henry has acquired a quality education from prestigious institutions, and won multiple awards. His work has afforded him the honor of being recognized as one of the brightest young minds in Africa. Henry believes in combining ideas and committing ourselves positively in small groups to change the world and make it a better place for us all.

Sister Josephine Nabulya

Treasurer & Marketeer, Ssunga Coffee Social Enterprise
Sr. Josephine Nabulya, belongs to the Institute of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Reparatrix- Ggogonya in Kampala, Uganda. Sr. Josephine is an accountant by profession, from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi and holds a Masters Degree in Administration and Management. Being interested in farming, Sr. Josephine feels called to create an impact in the lives of the people in community through farming by sharing the knowledge she has with them.

Grace Nakibaala is the founder of InnovAsepsis a young, dynamic company that creates pathogen-free environments. As a leader in innovative health solutions, InnovAsepsis created its flagship product, PedalTap. PedalTap is a retrofittable, affordable, hands-free, foot-operated water dispensing system. Grace is also the Uganda Response Innovation Lab Manager whose mandate is to facilitate innovation and learning in the humanitarian response and populations affected by crisis.

Virtue Oboro

CEO & Founder, Tiny Hearts Technology, Nigeria

Virtue Oboro is a Nigerian Visual Artist and a Social Entrepreneur. She founded Tiny Hearts Technology, an organization focused on raising awareness and educating Nigerian women about neonatal jaundice at the same time producing and deploying cost effective solar powered Phototherapy Units for the treatment of neonatal jaundice. Virtue was inspired to birth the organisation after her son was diagnosed with severe neonatal jaundice in 2016. She calls herself a “Vision Caster” to the youth because she helps young people see a brighter/bigger part of their little ideas.

Sserubiri Josepeh Uhuru is a passionate entrepreneur, with vast experience in product design, and UX research, working at the intersection of finance and technology to drive financial inclusion across Africa. Sserubiri is the CEO & Co- Founder of eMaisha Pay, an award-winning financial technology company on a mission to unlock financial opportunities for the 44 million micro and small businesses in Africa.

Patrice Wachira

CEO, Patvention Limited, Kenya

As a highly motivated and experienced beekeeper and waste recycler, Patrice Wachira, CEO of Patvention Limited has well over 5 years’ experience in her respective fields.Patrice’s passion for her community led her work in recycling waste such as plastics to construct environmental friendly beehives which Patvention Limited uses to engage in modern beekeeping methods. Ms. Wachira has been featured on TV 47 in Kenya for her beekeeping efforts and in Forbes magazine in 2019, under”Businesses of the Future Among 20 New Wealth Creators on the African continent.”

Mathias is an award-winning Ghanaian social entrepreneur and innovator. He has interest in food security, clean energy solutions and climate change. He currently leads AkoFresh, an AgriTech startup that offers smallholder farmers climate smart solutions to reduce post-harvest losses and alleviate poverty.Mathias’ contributions in various technology related solutions, has garnered acclaim as a “Top Youth4South Entrepreneur,” by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, and received recognition from Global Solutions Initiative, UpLink-World Economic Forum, FAO, and Prototypes for Humanity in Dubai.