Black History Month Celebration with the African Diaspora Network and IBM

Blueprints for Innovation:

Black Entrepreneurs Transforming the Landscape of Business

Tuesday, February 22 | 11 AM PST

Systemic barriers translate into a steep price that Black entrepreneurs must pay to become entrepreneurs. Only 1% of venture-backed businesses are Black, at least in part because of unconscious bias and pattern recognition on the part of investors. Black nonprofits only receive 8% of funding in comparison to their white peers. Yet, Black entrepreneurs are a rising force in the modern landscape of business.
Despite historic disadvantages in building wealth and incomes, Black entrepreneurs have managed to create 4.7 million jobs in the last decade. Realized financial returns from investments in minority-owned businesses exceed those from white-owned ventures. The median net worth for Black business owners is twelve times higher than Black non-business owners.
How are Black entrepreneurs transforming the business landscape? In what areas are they making the most significant strides, and how do they move forward against challenges? Learn about the innovative changes that Black entrepreneurs are making across markets and how they are inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.


Jacqueline Hendy

Jacqueline Hendy

Senior Vice President of Human Resources